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Latest Newsletter

December 7, 2016

Eggnog, ham, turkey, baking needs and so much more - if you need it for your holiday table we may be able to provide it!  Check out what the store has to offer before you head anywhere else!
December 7, 2016 * Newsletter # 154

"Your diet is a bank account.  Good food choices are good investments." - Bethenny Frankel

Harvest is proud to announce that our wonderful vendors / producers have come together to bring some love into the home of a family in need this holiday season.  Food is love.  Our vendors / producers are showing their love in spades by offering generously towards the gift of food boxes to a family in need.  We are reaching out to area organizations to help us determine who that family will be, but if you know of someone who could really use this gift contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the store and provide their name, address, phone number and situation for consideration.

Vendor Spotlight

Peaceful Fruits

When Evan Delahanty joined Peace Corps in 2011, he knew he was in for a life-changing journey, but he had no idea where it would take him.  After two years as a Community Economic Development Specialist in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest - enjoying the incredible hospitality and welcome of the local tribe he worked with - Evan came home to Akron, OH but was not ready to give up his connection to the rainforest and the people.

Peaceful Fruits is built on the philosophy of economic empowerment he learned in Peace Corps - and the idea that food brings people together. Their snacks are made from wild-harvested açaí that helps to create eco-friendly economic opportunity for the people in the region, offering them a better way to make a living while protecting their traditional way of life and the environment.

Peaceful Fruits takes that mission one step further by producing their snacks in Akron, as part of a full wage employment program for people with disabilities in their community - in partnership with two local non-profits Hattie Larlham and Blick Clinic.

Each of their fruit strips is packed with over 25 acai berries, harvested wild in the Amazon.  This acai is straight from nature, organic and non-GMO. They blend those berries with other whole fruits to make their different flavors and then slow dry them into delicious, healthy fruit strips that are the perfect snack for families and nostalgic adults.

Fox Hollow Farm's Frozen Meat Sale! 

10% Off Beef Roasts, Lamb Roasts, Pork Roasts and Whole Chickens

20% Off Pork Tenderloin
20% Off Mini Hams 
Now Through December 31st
If you don't see what you need in the freezers,
ask us and we'll get it for you!
Bearington Bear Sale! 

40% Off Bearington Bear Merchandise

Now Through December 31st
Sale includes bears and stands.  
Available for in store items only.
Willow Tree Figurine Sale! 

25% Off Willow Tree Figurines

Now Through December 31st
Includes all figurines and music box figurines.  
Available for in store items only.
Unkle Timz Salsa Sale! 

$1.00 Off Jars of Unkle Timz Salsa

Now Through December 31st
Includes all flavors!
Nature's Honey Tree
Maple Syrup & Honey Gift Sets
  • Gift Sets available with honey stirrers (bottles are 1 pound each!)
  • Gift Sets available with beeswax candles
  • Gift Sets available with just syrup and honey
When planning your holiday menu this year, please contact us for your whole or half hams.  We also have some turkeys available.  Please note that we don't carry these items in the store and will need to order them for you.  Contact us as soon as possible to order what you want as these items become harder to get the closer you get to the holiday!  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Weekly Recipe
*Indicates an ingredient that can be found right now at Harvest

Root Beer - BBQ Ham Glaze


3/4 cup Root Beer*
1/2 cup barbecue sauce* (there are many options to choose from!)
1/2 cup packed brown sugar


  1. In a small bowl, beat all ingredients with a whisk.
  2. Brush over ham the last 45 minutes of baking

    -This glaze is also great brushed over ribs, pork chops or any other dish in which you would use barbecue sauce.

    -Use a spicy prepared barbecue sauce for an irresistible sweet-spicy-savory twist on this glaze.

It's Eggnog Season!
Preorders being taken now for Hartzler Eggnog.  
Order must be submitted by close of the business day listed below.
Here is the schedule for submitting your preorder to Clint at Harvest:

Delivery: Dec. 19 --> Order by: Dec. 8
Delivery: Dec. 26 --> Order 
by: Dec. 15

Call the store at 740-392-6142 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your preorder.
Food Facts:  The History of Ham

The history of ham traces back to ancient traditions. One of the most important prerequisites for the development of civilization was the preservation and storage of food. Drying, smoking, and curing were some of the earliest methods discovered by the ancients. The advent of curing enabled cities, people and cultures to flourish.

The preserving of pork leg as ham has a long history. Many credit the Chinese as being the first people to record curing raw hams, while other have cited the Gauls. It cannot be argued though that it was certainly a well-established practice by the Roman period. Cato the Elder wrote extensively about the “salting of hams” in his De Agri Cultura tome around 160 BC.

The popularity of ham can also be traced to the producers’ geographic location. The conditions required for curing meat need to be such that it is not so cold that the ham freezes, unable to cure, or too warm causing the ham to spoil. The result is distinct areas around the world renowned for their particular hams. Italian prosciutto and Spanish Serrano, as well as American country ham from Kentucky and Virginia are all located on what can be described as the worlds Ham Belt— a geographic area bound by latitude and historically producing the world’s most revered hams. With the advent of technology, climate control and the mechanization of many of our food production methods geographic location has become less important for the production of ham, but these original ham centers are still prized as being the finest ham producing regions today.

Ham remains one of the most consumed pork products in the world. On average Americans eat 193 sandwiches a year, with ham being by far the most popular choice. The curing process for dry cured ham begins by rubbing the fresh ham with salt and sometimes sugar, spices, and nitrates. Italian prosciutto and Spanish Serrano hams are made with a pure salt cure and no added nitrates or nitrites. Some American hams are also nitrate free. When used, nitrates ensure a pink color and cured flavor in a short amount of time, and provide some anti-microbial benefits as well. Nitrates are not a modern addition to the curing process; they have been added to hams in the form of saltpeter for hundreds of years and in the form of impure salts for millennia.

Meat naturally contains a small amount of nitrates, which allow it to take on a beautiful color on its own. The longer a ham is aged, the fewer added nitrates are necessary. Many American hams are cured with brown or white sugar in addition to salt. The sugar is not added for sweetness, but rather to soften the harshness of the salt and the toughening effects of nitrates. Red and black pepper is sometimes added as well, lending some flavor but also discouraging bugs from attacking the ham. Machines are typically used to rub the cure into factory-produced ham, but as any ham artisan will tell you, the hand of the skilled salter is important.

Fun Ham Facts

Almost every country in the world produces Hams. Here are of some of the better known hams of the world: prosciutto, Westphalian, Parma, Smithfield, Virginia, Kentucky, Country, Canned, Bayonne, York, Mainz, Prague, Asturias, Toulouse, Dijon, Black Forest, Bohemian, Serrano, presunto, Bradenham, Estremadura, Prazska sunks, and szynka.

-Some ham experts prefer ham made from the left leg of a pig, believing it to be more tender. This idea came about after observing that a pigs scratch themselves with their right leg, engaging those muscles more and deducing that the more muscled right leg would be tougher.

-Pigs are not native to America; Hernando de Soto is credited with bringing the first 13 hogs to the New World in 1525.

-American “city” hams and “country” hams: “City” hams are processed in a wet cure or brine and typically smoked, not aged. “Country” hams are dry-cured and aged, producing a stronger flavor that is saltier and drier.

-On the Apollo 13 mission, the crew managed to create a functioning CO2 filter out of duct tape and glazed ham.

-Due to a Civil War surrender agreement, Virginia Baked Ham was given that name to insult the residents of Virginia.

-Chicago artist Dwight Kalb made a statue of Madonna from 180 pounds of ham.

Source: HeritageFoodUSA.com

Local Events Calendar

Recurring Events:

**Every Thursday Evening 5:00 - 8:00 pm - McBingo at McDonald’s 535 W. Marion Rd, Mt. Gilead - FREE Bingo with food prizes

**Every Friday through the end of 2016 (except for Holidays) 10:00 - 11:00 am - Yoga Fridays at The Public Library of Mt. Vernon & Knox County

Upcoming Events:
7-16  Christmas Stocking Silent Auction (The Public Library of Mt Vernon & Knox County)
7  Toy Bingo! Presented by Friends of Cardington
8  6th Annual FOODSTOCK for Food For The Hungry
8  Holiday Make & Take (The Public Library of Mt Vernon & Knox County)
8  Homeschool Book Club (Selover Public Library, registration required, open to all homeschool students)
9  Yoga Friday
9  Preschool Story Time (Selover)
10  Christmas Candlelighting at Roscoe Village 
13  Healthy Relationships Seminar  (pre-registration is required)
13  Zumba (Fitness) FREE at The Public Library of Mt. Vernon & Knox County
15  Holiday Open House:  Sewing with Lisa & Digital Greeting Cards (PLMVKC)
15  Keep Calm & Color On - Celebrating One Year of the Coloring Club(PLMVKC)
15  Journal Making - Selover Library - FREE, registration required
16  Preschool Story Time (Selover)
16  Yoga Friday
17  Christmas Candlelighting at Roscoe Village 
20  Zumba (Fitness) FREE at The Public Library of Mt. Vernon & Knox County
23  Yoga Friday
30  Yoga Friday

Find more great things to do here:  
Knox County History  ~  Knox County - Quick Links  ~  
Morrow County - Quick Links  ~  Licking County - Links

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Woodward Opera House
is situated in the heart of Mount Vernon's Central Business District. 

The past few months have been a rush of activity and excitement here in The Woodward. Contractors have been swarming the interior (and exterior) of the facility.  A lot has been happening and we can't wait to share it with you.

Be sure to check often to see the pictures of the new construction.

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As construction continues an entry path to Harvest will be provided to permit your continued ability to shop the store during this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.  We appreciate your patience as construction continues to move forward.

Local Foods Initiative Classes

Harvest @ The Woodward

Do you have a hobby that you love?  A passion for a subject that you'd like to share?  YOU can host a class or seminar sponsored by Harvest, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details! Classes / seminars do not have to be food related.  Classes may be paid by cash, check or credit card unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming Class List:

Class: None currently scheduled
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