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Did you know the average distance that produce travels from the field to your dinner plate is over 1,500 miles?
When you shop at Harvest@TheWoodward, you will be purchasing locally grown and raised foods from Ohio, mostly from Knox County and the surrounding counties!

Locally grown foods taste better.
Locally grown food tastes better because it is given the time to ripen on the plant to its full maturity and is not sprayed with harsh chemicals.  At the average grocery store, produce is picked before it is ripened, eggs can be a month old, and the processed foods are packed with preservatives to keep them on the shelf longer.

Locally grown food is better for your health.
Unripe produce does not have the chance to reach full nutritional value, meaning fruits and veggies that are supposed to be packed with vitamins and nutrients, are not.  Many local farmers practice organic methods instead of routinely spraying the produce with harmful pesticides.  Preservatives are not applied to the produce, meat, and baked goods.  The less chemicals a human consumes, the healthier they will be!

Purchasing locally can help reduce global warming.
Purchasing local products can help reduce global warming because they are not being transported over 1,500 miles!  Semi-trucks hauling food to the average grocery store release a substantial amount of carbon emissions and use up large quantities of fuel that could be conserved.  Go green, buy locally!

The local economy benefits from purchasing locally.
The local economy benefits when consumers purchase locally because they are keeping the circulation of money in the community.  Large grocery stores take away from the community's wealth by purchasing cheap food from around the world, selling it to customers, then taking their large profits elsewhere.  Harvest@TheWoodward is a non-profit organization that allows consumers to purchase locally and helps farmers sell their products here.  Consumers also have the opportunity to meet the farmer who is producing their food and to become educated on how the food is grown.


By Buying Local, Everybody Wins!

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