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Mixology Marmalades

Mixology Marmalades
Mixology Marmalades is not your Grandmother's marmalade.  These are unique flavors made from premium local beer, local wine and liquor fashioned after cocktail recipes, with hints of mint, ginger and honey.  These marmalades were made for cooking!  Spread them, mix them, stir them, shake them, top them and glaze them.

Spread them on your toast or bagel but also your sandwich at lunch instead of or with your mayo.

Mix them with olive oil and vinegar for a great salad dressing.  Mix them into your beef for gourmet hamburgers and meatloaf.

Stir them into your hot tea or favorite cocktail for some enhanced flavor.  Stir them into the Crockpot with meatballs or a roast.

Shake them with some beef or chicken stock for a great meat marinade.

Current flavors and some suggestions on using them:

*American Ale (Blueberry -Honey - Beer) - Great for venison and beef
*Apple Pie (Apple Hard Cider Beer) - Great for pork and fish
*Cherries Jubilee (Tart Cherry & Dark Rum) - Great for pork, beef and salad dressing
*Cranberry Pear Chardonnay - Great for fish and salad dressing
*Foghorn (Ginger Lime & Honey Beer with a splash of Gin) - Great for fish or chicken.  Use as a glaze or thin with stock for a marinade
*Key Lime Pie (Whipped Cream Vodka) - Perfect for fish, chicken or a cheesecake topper
*Merlot (Mulling spices give this merlot a bold, unique flavor) - Great for adding to meatballs, hamburgers and meatloaf
*Orange (Kentucky Bourbon) - Perfect for a breakfast topper on waffles, toast, bagels or muffins.  In hot tea as a flavor enhancer or salad dressing
*Peaches Louis (Kentucky Whiskey & Black Tea) - Great for pork or fish
*Pumpkin (Kentucky Bourbon) - Perfect for a dessert dip over cream cheese, used on muffins or donuts
*Raspberry Riesling  - Spectacular as a salad dressing
*Strawberry Margarita (Tequila & Triple Sec) - Great as a dessert topper or to give your Mexican dishes some added flavor


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