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Flustard Mustard

Flustard Mustard

Justin and Molly DuBose reside in Grove City, Ohio with their three children; Trinitie (11), Hunter (3), and Willow (2). Justin has been making mustard for over 5 years and has been striving to perfect his recipe and it has happened! He introduced Molly to his mustard not long after they met. Molly was a bit skeptical to try it as she is not fond of yellow mustard. However, upon trying it, she became an instant convert. So much so, that she excels in making other mustard haters converts as well.

A friend of theirs tried some of their Habañero Mustard and commented about how delicious it was and that they should try to sell it. He told them about a local store in Grove City that specialized in locally made products. Within 3 days of speaking to the owner they were able to get a business registered, develop a label, get jars, and get into the store.  Since then there have been a multitude of changes to where they sell their mustard.

You haven't had mustard until you have had Flustard Mustard! Whether you like fruity, savory, or spicy; they have the product for you! Their mustards come to life in your mouth with their different pepper blends.  Their stuff is so good that once someone has tried it they always come back for more.

Now shut your eyes. Wait... open them, so you can continue reading! Nonetheless, just imagine a little private area where flavor and explosion collide; a place where the juiciest chicken breast is improved with just a little kick from our Jammin' Jalapeño used as a mouthwatering marinade. If you would like to kick it up a notch, their Hoppin' Habañero Mustard is a must try, especially on pork - it marries extremely well. Their lip-smacking, No Joke Jolokia makes some devilish deviled eggs that you can't stop coming back for. Use this mustard to boost any of your favorite foods from pizza (Yes, pizza) to brats and burgers; this is a go to sauce.

All of their mustards (with more to come) should be a staple in your kitchen. You should always keep one on hand to suit your mood or your friends/families moods. Use any of their mustards to brighten any of your favorite foods such as potato salad, gumbo, pizza (seriously it's good on pizza) and even to liven up Aunt Petunia's lackluster cheesy potatoes. Are you a salad lover? Mix any of their mustards with olive oil to turn them into a scrumptious salad dressing - especially their fruit mustards. Add mayonnaise to any of their mustards to make a sandwich spread - perfect to pair with Cuban sandwiches. If heat isn't a concern to you then dare to tame the reaper, that's right the CAROLINA REAPER (world's hottest pepper) is now a member of Flustard Mustard's lineup! Getting ready to have a cookout? Any of their mustards pair well with grilled food even if it's veggie & tofu packets. So come on, we dare you, not just to tantalize your tastebuds but the tastebuds of your friends and family too!!!



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