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Winnie's Wonders

When Linda Gehrisch was a child she always watched her mom make egg noodles.  Her mom always made it look so easy.  She would mix the dough, roll the dough and then leave it to dry a while before rolling and cutting it.  She would then leave the noodles spread on the table until they were completely dry.

Linda started making noodles over forty years ago.  She found it wasn't as easy as it had looked, at least until she got the hang of it.  She followed her mom's process for many years.  She is now grateful that she is able to cut the noodles with the use of an attachment to her mixer.  Her table is still covered with noodles for a couple of days until they are completely dry.

Due to others enjoying her noodles, she decided to sell them locally.  In addition to the traditional white (wheat) flour noodles, she has added whole wheat noodles as part of her efforts to eat and in general, be healthier.

Along with noodles, Linda makes granola cereal.  Linda really likes granola cereal with her favorite recipe coming from Camp Luther.  One morning each week they serve homemade granola.  Their cereal is a bit moist and chewy making it, in Linda's opinion, especially satisfying.  A couple of years ago Linda started making her own cereal based on their recipe.  She has taken their recipe and tweaked it a bit in an effort to make it her own.  Her family enjoys it and she hopes that you will too.



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