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Bickford Flavors

Bickford Flavors

Bickford Flavors was conceived like most companies, back in the day, by family. Everette Bickford started Bickford Flavors in Akron, Ohio in 1917. He later sold the company to Reginald Anderson, who ran it until illness forced him to quit and then entered my family!

My grandfather and dad, Steve Sofer, were real business guys. Visionaries. In the 1930s, Grandpa started a health food business in the historic Cleveland Arcade when "health food" was not a familiar term or concept like it is today. Later, my father followed in his footsteps and started a health food business in Akron. I can still remember the day my dad decided to switch gears and purchase Bickford Flavors. In 1975, Anderson conveyed Bickford Flavors to Steve Sofer in exchange for a donation to a Masonic home.

Since then, Bickford Flavors has been our family business and is now in its second generation, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Backed by a century of uninterrupted service, Bickford maintains its reliance on traditional values and offer many original, 100-year-old formulas. Originally, our stock consisted of 20 flavors. Today, we have more than 100 flavorings and extracts; and we are happy to custom-make flavors to meet our individual customers' needs. No problem.

I share my family's passion for quality, excellence and customer service. On a personal level, I am passionate about kids. I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, E-City and NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship). There is nothing more rewarding for me than watching our young people in high school learn about business and launch their own. I've been fortunate to help several Harvey High School students from Painesville, Ohio compete on a national stage in New York, launching a duck-tape wallet company, flavored chocolate-covered pretzel company and a wine bag company. Isn't that what life is all about? 

I am the proud father of two. My daughter is involved with 4H and enjoys horseback riding. While I participated in Boy Scouts, I've really enjoyed being a Boy Scout leader for my son and watching him excel to Eagle Scout. Both of my kids have experience with selling flavors at small craft fairs and such. Who knows – maybe they will be the next generation to run Bickford Flavors. 

This same passion I bring to Bickford Flavors. While I have no trouble working with the Big Guy, our niche is the small- and medium-size business. Bickford Flavors takes the time to work with our customers and grow with them. 

What else makes Bickford Flavors great? Our products are all natural and certified Kosher. Our flavors contain no added alcohol, sugar or salt with the exception of Pure Vanilla which contains 35% alcohol by volume -- critical for those on special diets. We service restaurants, caterers, health food stores, many fine-food manufacturers, recognized chefs, and home cooks. There is no minimum order; we'll sell you an ounce to a 55-gallon drum. Whatever you require. We are happy to work on a one-on-one basis with you and excited to watch you grow. All of this makes Bickford Flavors a popular choice for gourmet retailers and anyone on a special diet. Have a taste for something new? We are willing to take on the challenge and help you create something new. Bring it on!

Flavor the Sweetness of Life with Bickford Flavors “Little bottles of natural goodness”

Scott Sofer

Vice President



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