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Braunbeck's Hillside Farm


Braunbeck’s Hillside Farm Established 2004 - Owners Charles & Vonda Braunbeck

After buying her grandmother’s home 10 years ago, a lifelong dream started to evolve. Dreams of blueberries, an orchard and a few cows in the back pasture are now coming to fruition. Charlie and Vonda planted a small orchard and nearly 50 blueberry bushes to have for retirement. You know, something to fall back on. After planting in 2005 Grandma told us that we planted the orchard on the side of the hill just where her father planted it back in the early 1900’s. We knew of an old apple tree that used to be on the property but did not know of the orchard. So it was meant to be. The start of a new business began when Vonda made rhubarb jam and gave it away, everyone told her to start making and selling jam, so we began with jams and got creative with the flavor combinations. Now we have several slightly different than the normal flavors of jams and jellies. Personal favorites include blueberry jalapeno and blackberry vanilla bourbon.  

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  • Newark, Ohio
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