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Baked Goods - Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, and more!

Honaker Farm Biscotti Cookies & Cakes, LLC Weaver's Home Bakery & Deli Dogwood Grove
Windy Meadows Farm The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet The Korner Shoppe Food For Good Thought
Wholesome Valley



Fox Hollow Farm Naturally Gathered Family Farm Hollenback Farms
Wholesome Valley Farms Thousand Hill Acres

Beverages (Drinks, Drink Mixes) - Kombucha, Dairy, Cocktail Mixes, Soda, Cider, Tea, Coffee, and more!

Bearded Buch Buckeye Country Creamery Figg's Liquid Innovations Hartzler Family Dairy
Honaker Farm jC's Sweet Tea Lapp It Up Kombucha NORKA Food & Beverage, LLC
Pope's Kitchen Root 23 Wholesome Valley Farms
Paint Valley Farms Scherer Foods, LLC Glen Hill Orchards, LLC

Books & Entertainment - includes cookbooks, CDs, DVDs and more

I-Conn Video Production Knox County Historical Society Sarah Goslee Reed
The Gourmet Farm Girl Safire Sun


Hartzler Family Dairy Wholesome Valley Farm

Candy - Fudge, Chocolates, Maple Candies, Buckeyes, Specialty Candies and more!

Aunt Bea's Fudge Waggoner Candy Candy Man Chocolatiers Lazy Acres Ranch
Dutch Creek Goat Farm Winnie's Wonders Honaker Farm Joy's Fairy Floss
Richard's Maple Simply Sweets by Donna Shaw The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet


Hartzler Family Dairy Ohio Farm Direct Paint Valley Farms
Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery Wholesome Valley

Chicken & Other Poultry

BaaLiss Grass Farm Fox Hollow Farm Naturally
Old Slate Farm, LLC Wholesome Valley Farm (also offers turkey)  Hand Hewn Farm

Eggs - chicken eggs, duck eggs

BaaLiss Grass Farm (chicken) BoJacal Farm (duck) Fox Hollow Farm Naturally (chicken)
Sexy Chicks Eggs (chicken) Yummy Yolks Eggs (chicken)  Lazy Acres Ranch (chicken)

Fish - salmon, trout

Homestead Springs

Flour - almond flour, cornmeal, spelt flour, oat flour, wheat flour

Stutzman Farms Wholesome Valley Farms

Fruit - fresh fruit, fruit sauce, pie filling, canned fruit and dried fruit

Braunbeck's Hillside Farm Fox Hollow Garden, LLC Glass Rooster Cannery
Peaceful Fruits Glen Hill Orchards, LLC

Gluten Free Products - includes bakery items, sauces, seasonings and more!

Honaker Farm The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet
Pope's Kitchen (Bloody Mary mixes) Cooper's Mill Food For Good Thought
The Gourmet Farm Girl (select products) Windy Meadows Farm (select bread types) Daveed's Next
Saucy Sows Sheila Bars



Dutch Creek Goat Farm

Grain / Cereal Products - rolled oats, rolled spelt, oat berries, puffed spelt, puffed corn, 7-grain  cereal, puffed flavored wheat, 7-grain cereal, puffed flavored wheat, granola

Stutzman Farms The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet
The Korner Shoppe Winnie's Wonders


Winnie's Wonders The Korner Shoppe

Honey & Honey Products - including beeswax and honeycomb

Nature's Honey Tree Brenneman Honey Farm Windy Meadows Farm
SpringHaven Croft West Apiary  Scrappy Cat Farms

Household Goods - Tissue box covers, dish towels, rugs, empty bag holders, wooden cutting boards, door stoppers, lazy Susans, wine bottle holders, tea balls, travel mugs, cups, potholders, placemats, candles, candle holders, room sprays, natural cleaners, garbage disposal pods

Honaker Farm Country Stitches Cast Soap Company Dave Crow
Kokosing Gap Trail Knox County Ag Museum Maple Lane Candles Mill Creek Homestead
Richard Morey Nature's Magic Newly Organic Root Candles

Jams & Jellies - traditional favorites, no sugar added, made with liquor, condiment style, glaze style 

Braunbeck's Hillside Farm Glass Rooster Cannery
Honaker Farm Mixology Marmalades The Korner Shoppe
Simple Products, LLC Cooper's Mill Joyful Jars
Saucy Sows    


BaaLiss Grass Farm Fox Hollow Farm Naturally

Laundry Supplies - Laundry soap, dryer balls

Newly Organic (dryer balls) Fox Hollow Farm Naturally Honaker Farm

Maple Products - Maple syrup, maple candy, maple cream, maple caramel corn, maple nuts

Butcher Family Maple

(syrup, maple cream, and maple sugar)

Aden Keim (syrup only)
Nature's Honey Tree (syrup only)

Richard's Maple

(syrup, candy, flavored maple sugar, caramel corn, nuts,

BBQ sauce, mustard, salad dressings)

Milk & Other Liquid Dairy Products - includes cow milk, goat milk, buttermilk, heavy whipping cream

Buckeye Country Creamery (A2A2 Cow Milk, Drinkable yogurt, flavored milk) Wholesome Valley Farms (Cow milk)
Hartzler Family Dairy (Cow milk, chocolate milk)

Paint Valley Farms

(Goat milk, Buttermilk, Heavy whipping cream)

Miscellaneous (uncategorized)

Howard Homestead (yarn) Malabar Farm Spinning & Weaving Guild (roving, drop spindle kits)
Willow Tree (figurines) OSU Licensed Merchandise


Oil & Vinegar

The Gourmet Farm Girl (Flavored EVOO & Balsamic Vinegars) Simple Products, LLC (Flavored Vinegar)
Sunsational Oil Company (Sunflower Oil) Daveed's (EVOO)

Pasta & Noodles

The Korner Shoppe (Amish handmade noodles) Winnie's Wonders (wheat noodles)

Personal Care Goods - soap, lip balm, hand wash, body wash, sugar scrub, powders, deodorant, lotion, body butter, ointments, beauty products, beeswax, rice bags

Brenneman's Honey Farm (beeswax) Cast Soap Company Lazy Acres Ranch
Mill Creek Homestead Newly Organics SpringHaven Croft
Honaker Farm Country Stitches (rice bags)  Scrappy Cat Farms (beeswax)

Pickles, Peppers, Krauts & Relish

Cooper's Mill Glass Rooster Cannery Herbert's Chow Chow
Stutzman Farms Szagorski's Peppers
Krazy Kraut Wholesome Valley Farm

Plants & Flowers

Our Garden
The Green Thumb Greenhouse (starter plants) Old Slate Farm, LLC (flower arrangements)

Pork - includes pork lard

Fox Hollow Farm Naturally (offers lard) Gathered Family Farm
Wholesome Valley Thousand Hill Acres
Hilltop Farms  Hand Hewn Farm


 Hand Hewn Farm

Salsa & Dips

Fox Hollow Garden, LLC (hummus) Glass Rooster Cannery  Pope's Kitchen
Fatty & Skinny Brand Unkle Timz


 Weaver's Home Bakery & Deli

Seasonings & Flavorings

Bickford Flavors (extracts) Honaker Farm (salts, sugars, herbs) Pope's Kitchen (hot sauces, glazes)
Root 23 (cocktail syrups) The Gourmet Farm Girl (seasoning mixes, balsamic vinegar) Our Garden (herbs)
Richard's Maple (flavored maple sugar) Butcher Family Maple Products (maple sugar)
Daveed's (rub mix) Fatty & Skinny Brand (hot sauces) Simple Products, LLC (glazes) 

Sauces & Condiments

Braunbeck's Hillside Farm (jams) Brenneman's Honey Farm (honey)

Butcher Family Maple Products

(maple syrup, maple cream)

Cooper's Mill (jams, relishes, sauces) Ed's BBQ Sauce (bbq sauce)
Stutzman Farms (sauerkraut) Fatty & Skinny Brand (hot sauce, salsa) Figg's Liquid Innovations (drink mix)
Glass Rooster Cannery (jams, sauces, relishes) Daveeds (pasta sauce, olive oil) Herbert's Chow Chow (relish)
Honaker Farm (jelly) Joyful Jars (jams) Aden Keim (maple syrup)
Krazy Kraut (fermented vegetable krauts) Maw's (bbq sauce/ ketchup alternative) Mixology Marmalades (jams)
Windy Meadows Farm (honey) Nature's Honey Tree (honey, maple syrup) Pope's Kitchen (sauces, salsa, drink mixes)

Richard's Maple

(maple syrup, bbq sauce, vinaigrette)

Root 23 (cocktail syrups) Saucy Sows (mustard, horseradish sauce)
Road Hog Willy's Real Pit BBQ (bbq sauce) Flustard Mustard (flavored mustards) Simple Products, LLC (syrups, glazes, vinegar)
The Gourmet Farm Girl (EVOO, vinegar) SpringHaven Croft (honey) Szagorski's Peppers (pepper rings)
Sunsational Oil Company (sunflower oil) West Apiary (honeycomb)


Back Attack Snacks (flavored almonds) Athena Bar (Greek yogurt bars)
Biscotti Cookies & Cakes, LLC (biscotti, cookies)  Brenneman's Honey Farm (honeycomb)
Buckeye Country Creamery (drinkable yogurt) Captain Jake's Jerky (beef jerky)
Food For Good Thought (gluten free bakery items) Winnie's Wonders (granola cereal)
Glass Rooster Cannery (pickles) Honaker Farm (bakery items, Hot Chocolate Sticks, more)
Joy's Seed & Nut Mixes (seed & nut trail mix) Windy Meadows Farm (bakery items)
Peaceful Fruits (fruit leather) Pretzels With A Twist (flavored pretzels)
Randy's Pickles (pickles) Ohio Meats (beef sticks)
OH! Chips (potato chips, tortilla chips) Pita Krunch (pita chips)
Shagbark Seed & Mill (tortilla chips, corn crackers) Stutzman Farms (spelt granola bar, corn puffs)
Simply Sweets by Donna Shaw (nut brittle) The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet (gluten free bakery items)
The Korner Shoppe (bakery items, granola) Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery (goat cheese curds)
Velvet-View Farmstead (yogurt) West Apiary (honeycomb)
Richard's Maple (maple caramel corn) Sheila Bars (protein/ energy bars)

Soup - includes broth and chili

The Gourmet Farm Girl  Glass Rooster Cannery

Stationary - includes greeting cards

Handmade by Joanne Starr (all occasion greeting cards)

Syrup (uncategorized)

Root 23 (cocktail syrups) Simple Products, LLC (Shagbark Hickory syrup, simple syrups)
Pope's Kitchen (cocktail syrups)

Vegetables - includes fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables (not pickles or krauts), canned vegetables

Country Gristmill (carrots) Fox Hollow Farm Naturally
Fox Hollow Garden, LLC Dogwood Grove
Honaker Farm Jenny's Country Thyme (onions, garlic) Our Garden
Glass Rooster Cannery Yankee St. Garlic (Asiatic Hardneck garlic) Swainway Urban Farm

Wearables & Fashion

Dave Crow (wooden bow-ties) Honaker Farm (knit scarves, knit hats, jewelry) Howard Homestead (Alpaca hats, ear warmers)
Heart of Ohio Trail (t-shirts) Kokosing Gap Trail (t-shirts, hats) Kokosing River Surf Club (t-shirts)
OSU Licensed Merchandise Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival Merchandise (t-shirts)  


Velvet-View Farmstead (plain and Greek) Buckeye Country Creamery (flavored drinkable)


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